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NETS offers an exceptional educational experience by integrating faith-based education with standard college coursework. For example, one of the most crucial aspects of college life is the growth of spiritual life of every student by learning more about and leaning into God. There are various daily activities such as morning devotion, chapel services, bible studies and many more to help students strengthen their relationship with God. Community life is another crucial aspect of college life where students are encouraged to help one another and create healthy relationships. They are required to attend classes in theology, ethics and other relevant subjects as part of their academic programs that are grounded on Christian beliefs and principles. The college also emphasizes service, encouraging students to take part in volunteer work and other community service initiatives.

Daily Devotion and Chapel fellowship

Each morning students participate in morning devotion and chapel service. Here the students get exposure and practical experience in leading worship and preaching the word of God. Many pastors, visiting scholars, guest speakers and teachers have had the opportunity to speak at the daily chapel service. On Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, the final year students have the privilege of preaching in the chapel service. This gives them opportunity to put their learning into practice.

Evangelism /Outreach ministry

Students are required to be involved in evangelism / outreach ministry beyond the college. They are expected and encouraged to share the gospel to friends and family members who are still not followers of Christ and at the same time disciple, guide and nurture new believers in Christ.

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer is a vital part of Christian life and therefore once a month the students organize a prayer and fasting day. This is a time of Spiritual renewal and refreshment for the whole NEBC community.

Jericho Prayer Walk

Every semester, our students go to the “Ring Road Jericho Prayer Walk”. “Ring Road” which is around 27 kilometers long and average 8 kilometers in diameter, is the roadway that surrounds Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The students are divided into groups and each group is assigned a section of the “Ring road”. As they walk and pray, they claim the whole stretch of the ring road for Jesus Christ.

Ministry Week

Every end of the semester, students are required to go for the ministry week in teams. The ministry teams are encouraged to go to different local churches and train local believers according to their needs. The helps the church members to understand the basic things about their faith journey in Christ.

Field Ministry Experience

Field ministry is mandatory for each students while they are studying at NEBC. Each student is assigned a local Church in the Kathmandu valley. The students are involved in the Church’s different ministry such as Sunday school and youth fellowship. Students also get the privilege of leading and preaching during worship services. We believe such practical ministry experience for our students is very important as it will help them develop leadership and ministerial skills for their future ministries.

Bible Quiz Contest

It is our goal that our students know the whole Bible very well. To this end, NEBC has been conducting Bible Knowledge Quiz Contest every semester. This friendly competition encourages our students to read and become familiar with the Bible.

AGG (Agape Growth Groups)

Agape Growth Groups are Christian Fellowship and discipleship groups for our students. Our students are divided into small groups and each group is assigned a teacher. Here the students get opportunity to share and encourage one another. It is a place where the teacher assigned gets to mentor them and build up their characters. They can grow together in friendship, love and care with each other and with the teacher. Additionally, the groups provide an opportunity for one- to- one counselling.

Sports Tournament

Students are also encouraged to engage in indoor and outdoor games and sports activities to keep them fit and refreshed. NEBC has facilities of volley ball, futsal, table tennis, cricket and carom. Each semester, the Sports and games committee organize inter batch sport tournament including staffs and faculty.

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