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History of NEBC by Dr. Simon Pandey


Keeping in mind of the need of theologically trained leaders to meet the rapidly growing churches in Nepal, especially after the restoration democracy in 1990, it was felt the need to start and develop theological institutions and training centers so that interested and qualified young men and women could be trained and equipped for the growing churches across Nepal. As General Secretary of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN), in cooperation and help with some of the key pastors and theologians.I took the initiative to start a theological college in Kathmandu as a department of NCFN in 1992.

Starting Stage

I must mention the name if Rev. Devi Bhujel, a theologian, who played an important role in the establishment of this institution. He served as founder Principal. Most of the Board Members were the members of the NCFN Executive Committee. For sometimes we were struggling about the name of the institution. Finally, it was agreed to call Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NEBC). I have been serving as Founder Chairman of NEBC since the inception. In the starting stage we had to face a number of challenges. It was not easy to find suitable teachers. So we had to depend on pastors who are busy in their own churches. The number of students was less than what we expected. Reliable and sustainable resources were the great challenges. But we started the college by faith and God has been faithful over the past so many years. Growing Stage It is good that churches in Nepal who send their young people for Bible College have grown over the past years. Also, a number of interested and qualified candidates for theological education have grown significantly. In the past many of the young people used to go to India for B.Th, even for C.Th. but now they come to NEBC and other Bible Colleges within Nepal. It was hard to get suitable teachers. But now it is encouraging to have qualified teachers easily. Many of the graduates are engaged in the ministries, some of them are in Pastoral ministry. Developing Stage Over the past years NEBC has developed in many ways. The volume of library has expanded significantly so that students have enough reference books to study in our own library. In the past most faculty members were on part time basis. But now, many of them are full time. For many years NEBC was running in rented building. Whenever the owner needed the building we had to shift to a new building, and sometimes it was hard to get an appropriate building. But now by God's provision NEBC has its own property in Jorpati. The property is quite sufficient to meet the needs. In this connection I must mention Dr. Ramesh Khatri, who played an important role to have the present property under NEBC. The NEBC Board is grateful to him.

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